Andy Gray’s Pundit Prediction Record

There are few bigger names in football punditry than Andy Gray. He may have been relegated to the radio in recent seasons but for two decades he was the main man at Sky Sports. Like us, you’re probably curious to see how often he gets it right or wrong…

We’ve already looked at Mark Lawrenson, Lee Dixon and the Fulham Chickens but now it’s Andy Gray’s turn…

Andy makes predictions on the PaddyPower blog. Not every week, but most weeks. We looked at all of his Premier League predictions and started compiling our own stats. Here’s the end result…

A few notes

Firstly, we include odds purely because it makes things more interesting. It’s not designed to make you all go out and gamble your lives away. If anything, these infographics should actually help you become more informed. You won’t win all the time… 3 ex-players turned pundits who spend more time than you do studying and talking about the game get it right about 53% of the time. That should tell you you’re going to get things wrong. A lot. Look at the stats. Learn from them. Hopefully they may be enough to help someone with a gambling problem realise that if the experts can only just about get it right half of the time, then the average guy on the street is probably not going to fair much better.

Odds were sourced at because we like their site – they make it easy to find historical odds. The money talk (i.e. you would have won ‘x’ had you placed ‘y’) is just for fun. If we were being technical about it, we’d source best odds with lowest commission rates etc… but our time is precious and we prefer to invest it in more important things like watching footie blooper videos on YouTube.

Also, if you’re *extremely* bored or don’t trust us and do your own in depth analysis, you may want to argue with us over the stats and what we define as an Andy Gray prediction. You see in a small number of cases he didn’t explicitly state who he thought the winner was going to be, but we read between the lines and made his mind up for him. For example when talking about a Spurs -v- Reading match, Andy says “the only thing that will prevent a Spurs win here is complacency” followed by “Spurs look home bankers”… We don’t tolerate fence sitting however so we chalked this down as a Spurs win.

54 is the Magic Number

Mark Lawrenson got it right 54% of the time. Lee Dixon also got it right 54% of the time in what we thought was just a coincidence. We joked that we’d stumbled upon some sort of scientific formula but now it’s becoming almost too coincidental… Andy Gray gets it right 53.2% of the time to be exact which is within a whisker of this magical 54%. Is there something more too this? We’re not sure, but we’ll continue to research pundit records in a bid to find out.

Sean MacEntee

Designer, United fan and Head of 25/7 Sports social media time-wasting department.

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