Euro 2012, an iPad and 1000 paintballs

A strange combination of sports, technology and mayhem but it will all make sense when you check out our new Euro 2012 landing page

Free iPad for everyone.

Before launching our Euro 2012 game, we want to reward people for signing up. What better way to do that than give away an iPad. Signup today and you get entered in to a draw to win a new iPad. That’s not all… upon signup, you’ll get your own unique url which you can share with friends. Refer a friend and you get another entry in to our iPad draw. The more people you refer to the site, the greater the chance you have of winning that iPad. We’re not content just giving away an iPad though. We wrecked our brains trying to come up with ways of giving back to you guys. We were going to give you all iPads but unfortunately our CEO laughed in our faces at that idea. Something about budgets and bankruptcy… the usual excuses. We asked him if he’d agree to any giveaway that didn’t cost him anything. He agreed in writing and told us to stop annoying him with stupid ideas. So here’s the plan…

We’re gonna shoot our CEO 1,000 times.

“Shoot” you say? That’s right. We’re putting our CEO up for paintball target practice (real bullets were ruled out due to health and safety reasons.) If 1,000 people signup to, each and every one of them will be represented by a single paintball. That paintball will make it’s way towards our CEO accompanied by 999 little coloured friends. The end result will look something like this…

If you wanted an iPad, you may have to live with the fact that you won’t win one. You may not win one because of that man above man – our CEO. Simply by signing up to the site, you have a chance to get your revenge and see him suffer as your paintball hurtles towards him and explodes in his face. Everything will be recorded and uploaded to youtube as evidence.

More Madness

If and when we eclipse 1,000 signups, we’re gonna make more crazy videos. At 20,000 signups, we’ll play a black tie 5-a-side match with shoes, suits, cufflinks etc… just to show that when we step out on to any field, the 25/7 Team means business. At 100,000 signups we’ll also send a football in to space and bring it back down again but before all that, we’re giving you guys the chance to vote for what we should do once we reach 10,000 signups. We’ve created a Facebook question here and thus far the leading idea is “kick a ball over 100 walls around the country and ask for it back” followed closely by “have the 25/7 team do keepy uppys for 10 minutes whilst getting paintballed”. What would you like to see us do?

Sean MacEntee

Designer, United fan and Head of 25/7 Sports social media time-wasting department.

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