Euro 2012 Game Postponed

To all those who have signed for the 25/7 Sports Euro 2012 competiton we regretfully must inform you that we’ve postponed our launch. We feel your pain (we wanted to play this game more than anyone) but we’ve decided that it’s in the long term interests of 25/7 Sports to postpone this launch.

Vent your fury

If ever there was an incentive to shoot our CEO, this is it. This will not be forgotten. He *will* pay for this. Letting us all believe we’re in for a real treat and then crushing those hopes & excitement by pulling the plug at the 11th hour. Who does he think he is? We’re keeping the sign up goals & videos intact and we may even add in some more “let’s inflict pain on our CEO” themed videos so keep referring people to the sign up page and soon you’ll get revenge for this disappointment.

Back in a jiffy

We’ll be back. We’re still beavering away at 25/7 headquarters and building something really special. Rest assured this was a tough but necessary decision to ensure the end product is good enough for you guys.

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