Fulham Chickens Pundit Performance Record

Last week, twitter user @Th3Fr4nt1c got in touch asking if there was any chance of us analysing the Fulham Chickens prediction record. Honestly, we’d never heard of the Fulham Chickens and at first glance thought they were just a poor man’s ‘Paul The Octopus’. We were proved wrong…

The pundits you’ve never seen or heard

The Fulham Chickens were introduced to the club’s training ground in May 2012. According to Fulham’s website “The introduction of the chickens is just one of the environmental based initiatives aimed at enhancing an ecologically-friendly environment throughout the Club. The hens will be farmed for their eggs in a free range environment that will result in a higher quality egg for consumption by the players and staff.”

They may have been recruited as egg layers but they’ve proven to be a shrewd investment by Fulham as our research highlights. Fulham’s chicken scouting network deserves a lot of credit. Had punters been taking advice from the Fulham Chickens on who will win Premier League football matches involving Fulham, they could have seen a 477% return on their investment at the bookies. That’s a record even the mighty ‘Paul the Octopus‘ would be proud of.

In fact, it’s statistically a better record than every single human pundit we’ve researched thus far. We’ve already published Lee Dixon and Mark Lawrenson’s results but we’ve also studied two other popular, human pundits (we’ll be publishing their results over the next couple of weeks). The Fulham Chickens have beaten everyone.

The Infographic

As you can see, they’ve made 22 predictions in Fulham’s Premier League matches, all of which Fulham FC publish on their youtube channel a day or two in advance of the match. They don’t seem to be biased towards their employers either as out of the 22 predictions made, they’ve predicted Fulham would win 8, draw 9 and lose 5.

If they can keep this kind of record up all season, who knows, we may just see them snapped up by Sky Sports or the BBC for next season. They may not say much, but their record is a match for any human pundit and speaks for itself. Here they are in action…

Know of any other chicken pundits? Let us know and we’ll take a look in to their record…

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