League of Ireland Social Media Table – Feb 2013

League of Ireland Social Media Table – Feb 2013

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Back in December we published a League of Ireland social media table and since then we’ve had a few requests to update it and also clarify how we’re coming up with the numbers…

The February 2013 Table

Not much has changed at the top with Shamrock Rovers still dominating. Cork City and current champions Sligo Rovers are 2nd and 3rd respectively. Towards the bottom, there’s been some movement mainly due to the way in which we’ve sourced the figures. In some cases we previously used ‘community’ page stats on Facebook for a club but this time around we’ve only taken stats from official pages or pages which the clubs have promoted.

It’s also worth noting that 2 clubs operate Facebook ‘profiles’ (which are supposed to be used for individuals and not clubs or businesses) and one also promotes a ‘group’ (nothing wrong with that but it’s against the norm to promote a group and not a page). A further 4 clubs have failed to take advantage of shortened urls and instead, seem to be content with a facebook url containing a whole bunch of numbers.

We’ve put a full list of our calculations and sources up here on Google Drive.


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