NBA Stadium Check-ins [infographic]

First we looked at Premier League check-ins, we then moved on to NFL and now, we’re focusing on NBA check-ins. The NBA has a reputation of being a very social / tech friendly organisation and there’s plenty of stats out there to prove it…

The official NBA twitter has 6m followers. Official NFL twitter? 3.9m followers. On Facebook, the official NBA page has 14.5m likes and the NFL again trails with a mere 6.3 likes. But getting away from those rather primitive techniques of measuring reach and influence, the NBA has an excellent YouTube channel which has over 812,000 subscribers, 8600 videos and a mind boggling 910m video views. Rather than pull videos down for copyright infringement (like the Premier League do – grrrrrr) , the NBA will be the first to have a video up on their own channel. So we were very curious to see what the NBA’s stadium check-in stats would be like. NBA fans obviously love their social media…

As you can see from the figures, NBA does indeed beat the NFL in terms of collective check-in numbers (6.5m to 5.1m). The NBA also has just 29 stadiums (30 teams) compared to the NFL’s 31 stadiums (32 teams).

Surprised? Does this suggest NBA fans are more social fans? Are they just more noisy? Let us know what you think…

Sean MacEntee

Designer, United fan and Head of 25/7 Sports social media time-wasting department.

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