This week’s 10 most popular sports videos

Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking skydive has dominated youtube charts and set all kinds of records this week. This week also brought us the German ‘frozen pool’ man and some Polish pitch invaders…

1. Felix Baumgartner Skydives from 39km

Watched by 8m people live on youtube, this set all kinds of social media records, never mind the fact he’s become the first man to skydive from 39km, beating the previous record by 18km.

2. GoPro Hero3

GoPro have become renowned for their small, durable & wearable cameras. They’ve just launched their new ‘Hero3′ which this video helps to showcase…

3. Giant fish jumps in to boat and knocks over crew

It’s like a scene from ‘Jaws’ only this 600 pound black marlin fish goes one step further and jumps in to the boat almost slicing some of the crew in half on his way.

4. ‘Fan’ runs on to pitch and floors goalkeeper

With minutes of this Leeds fan running on to the pitch and assaulting Sheffield Wednesday’s Chris Kirkland, he was identified by twitter users and his facebook page was also shared along with his mobile phone number. He has since been arrested on ‘suspicion’ of assault.

5. Man jumps in to frozen pool

Or should be ‘on’ to frozen pool… this half naked German is having a discussion in German with his friend (camerman) before briefly speaking to the camera in English to mutter some profanity and promote what we think is his new band. After that he runs and leaps towards a frozen pool whilst assuming a ‘bomb’ position in mid-air, presumably anticipating that when he lands, the ice will crack beneath him. Didn’t quite work out that way.

6. Serbia -v- England U21 fight & racist abuse

It’s all fun and games until the crowd start throwing missiles at players and monkey chanting at black players.

7. UFC 153 Team Nog Celebrates

Minotauro Nogueira (MMA fighter) beat opponent Dave Herman last weekend at UFC 153. This is a rare glimpse into his locker room during his victory.

8. Last second 67 yard field goal

At first glance, there’s nothing particularly special about this kick until you realise it broke an NFL record by 4 yards and this kid is a 17 year old high school student. It was also taken with literally 2 seconds remaining in the match. And should it happen to pop over the bar, it would tie the match. So all in all, no pressure then…

9. Porsche -v- Nissan. Fight.

This is what you call a PIT maneuver if you’re a cop (precision immobilization technique). These racing drivers don’t appear to be cops chasing bad guys but if they were, Porsche must be pretty chuffed with themselves…

10.Polish Pitch Invaders Evading Stewards

England’s game against Poland had be be postponed on Tuesday night due to a waterlogged pitch. It’s a pity the stadium doesn’t have a retractable roof. Oh wait, it does! We may have seen no footballing action on Tuesday night, but these pitch invaders made sure we were still entertained.

Skip to the 46 second mark for the highlight…

Sean MacEntee

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