This Week’s Top 10 Sports Videos

Every week we take a look back at the most popular sports videos that have gone viral worldwide. This week we have the usual mix of comedy, violence, unbelievable skill and unbelievable luck…

1. Interception followed by 80 yard sprint to touchdown

Dodge City’s Immanuel Galloway can’t believe his luck as he snaps up a ball that bounces off someone’s backside. He then makes an 80 yard dash all the way to touchdown.


2. Don’t taunt your opponent

The ‘come on, hit me with your best shot’ boxing tactic can be used to good effect but more often than not it just makes you look like a douche and provokes your opponent as proved by this video…


3. Arsenal players throw shirts in to crowd then realise they still have another 30 mins to play

The League Cup is the only bit of silverware the big clubs don’t set out to win but at 4-0 down away to Reading with 45 minutes on the clock, Arsenal must have realised it’s their only shot at a trophy this season. They staged an incredible comeback featuring 89th minute and 96th minute goals to draw level at 4-4. Some Arsenal players decided to throw their jerseys in to the crowd not realising they had to play 30 minutes of extra time.. the game ended up 5-7 to Arsenal.


4. 96 yard punt

The longest ever NFL punt stands at 98 yards set in 1969. Tate Mathewson almost managed to eclipse that with this incredible 96 yard punt with a strong wind behind him and some lucky bounces too.

5. Goalkeeper punches opponent in the face

Ukraine now and just your average football match… a few punches thrown here and there… none of this diving under no contact nonsense. The player that gets punched in the jaw remains standing and doesn’t even put his two hands up to his face. Imagine if it had been Suarez on the receiving end of that kind of physical contact…


6. Chelsea -v- Man Utd

Nothing particularly funny about this video, especially if you’re a Man Utd fan. It’s just highlights from Chelsea’s 5-4 win over Utd in the League Cup. Like all good managers protecting his players and shouldering some of the blame for the loss, Sir Alex blamed Nani for everything. Nani was then dropped for the Arsenal match on Saturday. Probably just coincidence…


7. Asian Championship Riot on the pitch

Not sure what the circumstances are here but all we can see are players kicking the living daylights out of each other and random officials / fans running in different directions past the camera.


8. James Harden’s Dynamite Dunk


9. Greatest Miss Ever

We’re skeptical of any video that claims best ‘x’ of all time. This video is titled ‘Greatest Miss Ever’ and it does in fact rate pretty highly in our books. Open goal, defender and keeper on the ground behind you, all the time in the world… it seems impossible to miss, yet somehow this forward manages send the ball wide.


10. Extreme Downhill Racing

I think we’d do well to simply remember the layout of the course, never mind hurtle over pallets and down narrow steps at speed on the side of a mountain.


Sean MacEntee

Designer, United fan and Head of 25/7 Sports social media time-wasting department.

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