Top 10 videos this week

Another recap of what videos have kept us entertained this week… we had plenty of volleys, some unsporting behavior in the women’s game and some awful goalkeeping…

1. Goalkeeper trick shot

Kick TV put this viral video live during the week and it’s attracted almost 2m views thus far. Finnish goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen combines trick shots with humour and some outdoors fun.

2. Kobe Bryant stares down coach after loss

Here’s Kobe Bryant staring down his coach in the final seconds of the Lakers loss to Utah Jazz during the week.


3. Taison

Brazilian forward Taison scored this rocket of a goal for Ukranian side Metalist Kharkiv during the week. He watches a long crossfield ball drop nicely in to his path and volleys it across the keeper, in to the top corner. The keeper doesn’t even move and we can’t blame him. Van Basten eat your heart out.

4. Women’s Football – Throw In

Women’s football now and here we see someone take a throw in. She throws it straight in to her opponents face which is forgivable and can be written off as an accident / fluke. The balls goes back out for another throw in. What happens with the next throw in? The exact thing which suggests it was deliberate the first time too. The referee mysteriously awards a free kick to the ‘victim’ but although the player taking the throw-in was a douche, she didn’t actually break any laws of the game.


5. Rod Stewart tears of Joy

Celtic fan Rod Steward cries tears of joy having watched his side beat the might Celtic in the champions league during the week. At the weekend they followed up that historic victory with a 1-1 draw against St Johnstone on the same pitch they beat Messi & Co just a few days earlier.


6. Steve Blake of the La Lakers snaps at a fan during a match

The fan is supposed to have said “How about hitting some shots ?” and Blake replies with some profanity and something along the lines of “My wife could F—k you up”.


7. Taison -v- Van Basten

The goal in our no.3 spot this week is compared with that famous Marco Van Basten volley from euro ’88. Spot the difference.


8. Just another volley

Another screamer. This time a volley from outside the box directly from a corner. Straight from the training ground.


9. What was the keeper thinking?

We’re not sure what the goalkeeper was thinking here. It’s one of those time wasting situations where the goalkeeper doesn’t pick up the ball but wants to wait until an attacker comes close to him, just to eat up a few seconds. In this case, the goalkeeper is on his own goal-line, letting the ball bounce and inviting pressure. The pitch has clearly seen better days so letting anything bounce on it is asking for trouble and trouble is exactly what this keeper gets and deserves…


10. Wladimir Klitschko vs Mariusz Wach stare down

It looks as if these two are going to knock lumps out of each other but in the end all it takes is a piece of paper to break the two of them up. They then shake hands and go about their business. How a heavyweight weigh in should be…


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