Top 20 European Football Clubs (according to social media)

All football clubs have a social media presence of some description. They’re too big not to. Social media is a great way for clubs to promote upcoming events and release breaking news, whilst interacting with their loyal fans.

We rounded up Europe’s elite clubs and ranked them by social media following. The rankings are based on the combined twitter followers & facebook likes of the club’s ‘official’ twitter profile & facebook page.

Barcelona & Real Madrid are top of the pile, just like in the real world. In 3rd place Man Utd are some 4m fans adrift of 2nd place Madrid, yet a comfortable 11m fans clear of 4th placed Arsenal.

In terms of popularity, it’s clear that the premier league is streets ahead of most other leagues however Italy’s Serie A is a close second. Here’s a breakdown of how many clubs are represented per country.

6 x English
5 x Italian
2 x Spanish
2 x Turkish
2 x German
2 x French
1 x Portuguese

Notable absentees? Scottish giants Celtic & Rangers failed to make the list. Lyon, Schalke, Athletic Madrid, Stuttgart & Aston Villa may be amongst the top 20 richest clubs in football however their social media following isn’t as impressive.

Sean MacEntee

Designer, United fan and Head of 25/7 Sports social media time-wasting department.

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