World Cup Qualifiers Preview (22-3-13)

Last week, Pundit Paul went head to head against Quick Pick Peter (our random scoreline computer). Paul got 1/4 outcomes correct, Peter got 0/4 correct. First week nerves perhaps got the better of them as they’d never made predictions before on the world stage that is the 25/7 Sports Blog. This week is International week so Paul takes a look at the home nations’ chances…

After last week’s diabolical effort in trying to predict the Premier League results, I’m going to take a swing at this weekend’s International games. Thankfully there’s no Aston Villa or QPR to serve up a thriller after I suggested they’d produce a mind-numbingly boring draw. Then again, these are World Cup qualifiers, so the promise of excitement and thrills will be thin on the ground.

Sweden vs Republic of Ireland

After the abject failure that was Ireland’s participation in Euro 2012, it came as a surprise that a team mangled by Trappatoni would ever be allowed on a football pitch again. I’m thinking a reasonably comfortable Swedish victory even though they’re no great shakes themselves, the demi-god Zlatan apart. However it will be a draw in the stands as 1000 drunken Irish fans will match their Swedish counterparts in both inebriation and singing.

Paul’s Prediction: 3-1
Quick Pick Peter: 3-1

Scotland vs Wales

Sept 18 2013 is the day that Scotland will go to the polls to determine whether they’ll break free from years of English Oppression. The Welsh are just happy to spoil the Twickenham Toff party and rub English noses in the egg-chasing. Either way, it’s hard to muster much enthusiasm for a footballing clash between these two international also-rans. I’ll go a for a one-all draw in this one and in typical Scottish fashion, a defeat in the independence referendum.

Paul’s Prediction 1-1
Quick Pick Peter: 1-0

Northern Ireland vs Russia

Tribalism and flag-waving bigotry apart, the Norn Irish are a hospitable people. Like us eejits down in the South, they like a bit of witty banter, numerous pints of devil juice and singing songs designed to wind somebody up somewhere. In a remarkable show of kindness the IFA have laid on 6 inches of snow for their Russian opponents tonight. The kindness will extend to allowing the visitors score a few goals too. The scraps on Tates Avenue will be a stalemate though. They’re not fond of Eastern Europeans types round there.

Paul’s Prediction: 1-4
Quick Pick Peter: 2-1

San Marino vs England

Ahh that night in November 1993. A goal that made every Irishman wet his cacks with giddy excitement. No, not Alan McLoughlin’s wonder strike against Bingham’s Volunteer Force, but San Marino taking the lead after 8 seconds against Taylor’s Turnips. I’d fancy them to nick one again before slumping to defeat against the gangly-legged, Welbeckian onslaught. A 4 goal victory margin should see England comfortably installed as favourites for the World Cup in Brazil by the tabloids.

Paul’s Prediction: 1-5
Quick Pick Peter: 1-0 (odds on this are 500-1!!)

Think you know better? Get your predictions in now for tonight’s matches on

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